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Because every word counts, help us spread the values of Fair Trade. You can be the voice of support to our local producers and their important activity. If you believe in good causes and are an activist at heart, then this is a chance to put your passion into action.

How could you spread the word?

Schools: Organize an interactive conference or a workshop around the theme of Fair Trade and the importance of sustainable development.  This activity can be customized according to students’ ages. 

Universities: Organize a conference or a group session where students can learn about Fair Trade as an alternative to the mainstream trading system. As administrators or teachers, you may push your students to question the conventional economic system and challenge them to find solutions to its limits. 

Social Media: Stay in touch with us to promote our latest news and help us contribute in bringing change to our society and raising awareness among the grand public. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to collaborate with Fair Trade Lebanon on your next educational project. 

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