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Qleyaa Cooperative
South Lebanon
Olives, Olive Oil

Qleyaa is a village located in Southern Lebanon, in the casa of Marjeyoun. It rises to 660m and has 5500 inhabitants. The various conflicts of recent years have damaged the property of the villagers, limiting their capacity to develop their farms and hindering their yield in terms of quality within the production process.

However, some Qleyaa residents decided to react and defy the challenges, thus they set up a cooperative specialized in olive cultivation and oil production. To get into action, the cooperative received from Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) the adequate equipment, training sessions and a certified oil.
FTL’s activities have an impact on 42 beneficiaries helping them to reinforce their skills and increase their revenues through their activity in the production units.

This cooperative has the FLO and Organic certifications for olives and olive oil.

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