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Nejmet el Sobeh Cooperative
Central Bekaa
Apricot Jam, Strawberry Jam, Fig Jam with Sesame, Eggplants and Almonds in Syrup, Dates and Almonds in Syrup, Rose Petal Jam, Bitter Orange Syrup, Mulberry Syrup, Rose Syrup, Grape Verjuice (Hamod Hosrom), Chili Powder, Roasted Salted Wheat

From the peaks of Mount Hermon, rising up to 2747 meters, a well-informed hiker might perceive the Nejmet el Sobeh cooperative (“the morning star”) located below, in the southern side of the Bekaa fertile plains.

Starting from scratch in 1997, but armed with their will and their rich traditional knowledge, about 20 women villagers reunited and began preparing pomegranate molasses, rose syrup, fig jam with sesame as well as other specialties.

Today, their products are crossing borders and meet the challenging standards required for export. They are found on the shelves of international grocery stores, a quality guarantee for consumers and great source of pride for the cooperative members.  Team spirit, joy and simplicity prevail in this cooperative where all women collaborate and work together, in perfect discipline.
Hence, their work allows them to increase their families’ income and avoid the loss of traditional know-hows.

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