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Baskinta Cooperative
Mount Lebanon
Maamoul, Jams, Syrups, Condiments

Established in 2011 and made of a dozen women, the Baskinta Cooperative is located below the snowy mountains of Mount Sannine, in the Metn region.
Baskinta is a town reputed for its great, fresh and lightly sour apples.

This cooperative makes all sorts of Lebanese produce (jams, syrups, pickles, juices…) but is mostly specialized in the production of “Maamoul”, traditional oriental sweets served during the Holidays. All women, armed with the same enthusiasm, want to boost their social and economic conditions while preserving and passing down these culinary traditions from generation to generation.

Through its collaboration with Fair Trade Lebanon, the cooperative succeeds in selling large quantities of “Maamoul” while ensuring incomes for its members. 

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