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Producers Support

  • TEQ training

    TEQ is a guarantee system that stands for Transparency, Ethics, and Quality. The course is an introduction to the system and its guidelines. After the course, a training focusing on the practice of the guidelines is given and assistance is provided to guarantee that the guidelines and standards are respected and put into place. Fair Trade Lebanon will guide the units throughout the process to obtain the TEQ certificate.

  • Fair trade training

    Trainees are introduced to the main principles and guidelines of Fair Trade which purpose is to improve the standards of living of local farmers and producers in rural areas. Fair Trade ensures that these farmers and producers are receiving a fair price; hence, allowing them to meet their basic needs: health, education, housing, social welfare in order to ultimately reach rural sustainability. These producers will also have a stronger marketing tool to promote their products.

  • Organic training

    Organic agriculture and production are increasingly a center of interest. Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) introduces the organic concept and standards to the operators so they become familiar with the system. FTL paves the way for the operation units to convert from conventional to organic practices through training sessions and assistance in collaboration with an independent Organic Certification Body.

  • Hygiene training

    Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) play a major and important role in food business; therefore, Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) launched a series of customized visits for operation units with the intent of improving their production. Due to its major importance in GMP, FTL introduces the operational units to the different principles of hygiene. Several concepts are demonstrated, such as introduction to food safety, food microorganisms, personal hygiene, pest control, cross contamination, as well as scheduling hygiene inspections to the premises. Follow up visits by FTL may occur in order to take corrective measurements if needed. Following the different rules of the principles of hygiene enhances the production and the products of operation units.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us to require or apply for a training.  

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