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    Country: France
    Partner since: 2016
    Commercialized items: Organic Olive Oil

    Sophim is an independent company specialized in the production of natural ingredients for cosmetic and personal care since 1988.


    Country: Japan
    Partner since: 2012
    Commercialized items: Red Wine


    Wakachiai Project is an established corporation in Japan since 1992. Wakachai Project imports coffee, tea and various products from Asian, African, Central and South American countries in alignment with Fair Trade standards, and introduces them to the Japanese market through wholesale and direct online sales.

  • Ehrmanns

    Country: United Kingdom
    Partner since: 2013
    Commercialized items: Red Wine


    As a well-established wine importer with origins dating back as far as 1875, Ehrmanns is today a leading wine supplier to multiple channels within the wine trade. Ehrmanns has a broad supply base of family owned wineries from over 30 suppliers from 15 countries.


    Country: Australia
    Partner since: 2016
    Commercialized Products: Hummus, Baba ghanouj, Rose water, Rose petal jam, Whole figs in syrup, Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Organic Green Olives, Bitter Orange Peels in Syrup, Rose Syrup, Mulberry Syrup.

    Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. Oxfam saves lives and helps rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. They campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

    In all aspects of work, Oxfam works with partner organizations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.



    Country: Italy
    Partner since: 2016
    Commercialized Products: Bulgur, Chickpeas, Red Lentils, Whole Lentils, Hummus, Sumac, Figs and sesame jam

    LiberoMondo (“Free World” in Italian) was established in 1997 as a Fair Trade Organization. It is a social cooperative located in Bra (Cuneo province), North‐West Italy. It was started with the main aims to support marginalized producer groups of the South and to create, locally, job opportunities for disadvantaged people.
    LiberoMondo operates in compliance with the Fair Trade Principle Chart of the World Fair Trade organization (WFTO) and according to the following general guidelines: direct purchases from producer groups; ‘fair’ price payments; rejection of monopolies both in import, export and sales activities; transparency and free circulation of information.

  • EZA Fairer Handel

    Country: Austria
    Partner since: 2014
    Commercialized items: Bulgur, Lentils, Chickpeas, Red kidney beans, White beans, Cranberry beans, Baba ghanouj, Hummus, Zaatar, Saffron, Chili paste, Olives, Ketchup

    Since its establishment in 1975, EZA Fairer Handel has practiced Fair Trade, proving that there is an alternative to conventional trade. Their wide range of products –foodstuffs, handicrafts, cosmetics and Fair Fashion – reflect the creativity and know-how of their 160 partner organizations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle-East.

    As a co-founding member for both the European Fair Trade Association and the World Fair Trade Organization, EZA plays since then an active and crucial role in European and international networks.


    Country: France
    Partner since: 2011
    Commercialized Products: Pomegranate molasses, Grape molasses, Carob molasses, Zaatar, Orange blossom water, Rose water, Sumac, Fleur de sel

    Ethic Valley is a young French spices brand born from responsible trade.

    As flavor agitators, Ethic Valley looks for gourmet products, local and artisanal produce, with excellent traceability. Great products, respectful towards the producers and the environment.

    Ethic Valley’s three requirements:
    - Selection of flavors of high gastronomic quality
    - Protection of sustainable agriculture
    - Support for producers’ autonomy


    Country: France
    Partner since: 2013
    Commercialized Products: Olive oil with chili, Olive oil with oregano, Soap, Hummus, baba ghanouj, Lentils, Bulgur, Chickpeas, Zaatar

    Artisans du Monde is, above all else, a voluntary and citizen movement defending, since 1974, an alternative trading system. This movement relies mainly on the commitment of more than 6000 people of all ages. Their engagement is crucial to sustain the shops and lead actions of awareness raising and citizen mobilization.

    The shops of Artisans du Monde are open to all, people may purchase fair trade products, in addition to informing themselves and engaging for a more humanly and economically balanced world trade. 

    Artisans du Monde, through its experience, values and trading requirements, is fully aligned with a social economic model based on solidarity.


    Country: Germany
    Partner since: 2010
    Commercialized Products: Bulgur, Lentils, Chickpeas, Chickpeas flour, Fleur de sel, Fleur de sel with herbs, Hummus, Baba ghanouj, Arak, Zaatar, Figs and sesame jam

    El Puente is among the pioneers of the fair trade movement and is today the second largest importer of fair trade products in Germany. Since 1972, El Puente has already stood as the 'bridge' between north and south, and has worked with small businesses and cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    Their work is not profit-orientated. Through the import and distribution of fair trade products, El Puente supports more than 140 project partners in 40 different countries.

    Their range of products consists of around 5,000 handicraft and food articles. As a wholesale trader, El Puente sells its goods to fair trade shops in Germany and Europe.


    Country: France
    Partner since: 2006

    Since 1983, Artisanat SEL falls within the Fair Trade approach to allow women and men, from many developing countries, to live in a dignified way from their work through commercial trade.
    In 2005, Fair Trade Lebanon established a contact, which will prove to be historic, with Artisanat SEL. This French importer believed in FTL’s project and accepted to accompany the adventure. This first partnership was decisive in the creation of Fair Trade Lebanon NGO, officially founded in March 2006. 

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