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Solidarity Tourism in Rural Lebanon


As part of promoting solidarity tourism, Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) hosted and organized, from October 28 until November 6, 2017, the trip of 10 tourists from France (including 8 volunteers from the shops of “Artisans du Monde”).


The aim of this stay was to meet the different producers groups in FTL’s network.

To begin with, the program included a visit to the Bekaa with a Labneh production workshop in Fourzol, a tasting session of Lebanese Fairtrade and organic wine at Heliopolis Cooperative and the visit of the epic site of Baalbek. Afterwards, the group headed to the region of Qadisha for a hike in the cedars reserve and a night in the valley. The stay proceeded with a visit to both, the salt marshes of Anfeh and the city of Tripoli. In the North of Lebanon, they also visited Menjez, the first Lebanese town certified Fairtrade, and had lunch at Khreibet el Jundi Cooperative in the Akkar region. Their stay also included a visit to the towns of Kfardebian and Baskinta and their respective local cooperatives.


While touring several regions, the group was able to live authentic and enriching new experiences while discovering the rural side of Lebanon, which often remains unknown. Fair Trade Lebanon will continue to develop and strengthen this activity, deeply rooted in sustainable and ecological development.

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