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                                                                                                                                                                THE FAST TRACK
                                                                                                                                          EXPORT SUPPORT PROGRAM TO THE US:

UNDP is piloting an acceleration project in Lebanon and Morocco to support companies in accessing the US market.
Up to 40 companies and cooperatives from both countries will benefit from transportation and logistics grants as well as marketing and market linkages support to help them enter and sell directly in the US market.

Brief about the Fast-Track Export Support (FTES) Project:

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted global supply chains causing an increase in shipping and logistics costs rendering SMEs highly vulnerable to external shocks. This was compounded by long travel restrictions reducing opportunities for small companies to meet new buyers and forging new deals.
The project aims to address these increased vulnerabilities and support small enterprises and cooperatives from Lebanon and Morocco to have better and more efficient access to the US market. By accessing this highly promising and growing market with large Moroccan and Lebanese diaspora network, small enterprises and cooperatives in Lebanon and Morocco will be able to increase their sales as well as sustain and create jobs for their local communities.

Activities and Support:

  • Assessment by a US-based consultant to determine readiness to export to the US market forparticipating companies
  • Companies and cooperatives that are deemed ready to enter the US market will be provided the following:
    • Grants to cover shipping and 6 months fulfillment costs in the US.
    • Coaching for 6-months (10 hours per month) by the US consultant on how to optimize theirmarket strategy in the US.
    • Marketing and promotion of the Lebanese and Morrocan brands in the US market
  • Companies and cooperatives that are not ready yet to export will be provided with:
    • Consultancy to improve their packaging and labelling to meet US requirements
    • Grants to cover shipping and 6-month fufillment cost in the US
    • Consultancy on digital marketing strategy and content creation to target US buyers
    • Onboarding on an International e-commerce platform or support to increase their visibility onexisting e-commerce platform.

Who can apply to this program?

  • Companies and cooperatives who are based in Lebanon and Morocco and work in the agri-food orartisanal manufacturing sector (including soap and cosmetics)
  • Companies and cooperatives that already have the required certificates, licenses and FDA approval toenter the US market.

How to apply:

  • Access this link to complete the application form, before Monday 15 November 2021:

  • Places are limited. Selection of companies will be based on the above criteria, and "First come, First served” policy.
  • For any inquiries please




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