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Awareness Raising

Fair Trade Lebanon takes part in many local and international events to promote its mission and activities. Among the local exhibitions are: Beirut Cooking Festival, HORECA, Mzaar Summer Festival, AFKART... 
On an international scale, Fair Trade Lebanon works on being present in large exhibitions such as the “Milano Fair City Expo”, “Dortmund’s Fair and Friends exhibition” and others. 

In parallel, and throughout the year, Fair Trade Lebanon organizes in Lebanon many events to spread the word about Fair Trade. May it be on a large scale, such as the yearly World Fair Trade Day celebration, or on a smaller scale, such as Zaatar Day, Mouneh Day, Keshek Day events organized at the boutique “Terroirs du Liban” with the presence of our loyal customers, friends and new comers.

All efforts are deployed in order to increase the level of awareness and promote the concept and values of Fair Trade. 

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