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Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) born in the year of 2006 out of the will of a few Lebanese who wanted to change the livelihoods of disadvantaged rural populations in Lebanon. 


They noticed the existence in rural regions of an underemployed agricultural infrastructure along with outstanding traditional skills.  The choice of Fair Trade was based on the desire to create export opportunities for the traditional small producers and food processing cooperatives living in these areas. The association has the dual aim of improving the living conditions of rural populations as well as developing foreign exchanges related to Fair Trade in Lebanon.


  • FTL implements agricultural development activities in order to strengthen the production and marketing of the products while improving the working conditions of the producers (such as gender equality and no child labor) and applying the principles of Fair Trade (better pay, transparency, pre-financing, long-term partnerships among others). These activities consist in providing trainings, supplying equipment or renovating premises, raising the production chain to international standards, and certifying eligible products (Fairtrade, Organic and TEQ) through a continual and direct dialogue with all the production units.


In parallel, FTL carries out activities to raise awareness of fair trade by giving speeches in schools and universities, introducing its products to HORECA businesses (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) and by organizing local or national events around the topic of Fair Trade. FTL contributes to the international fair trade networks, especially through its membership to the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in September 2010 (and by extension to the WFTO Africa Middle-East branch).

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