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  • Annual Report 2014

    Highlights of year 2014: increase in the number of partner cooperatives and SMEs in FTL’s network, creation of new products and establishment of new commercial partnerships in Lebanon and abroad. Thanks to growing projects, more than 500 beneficiaries benefited from FTL’s trainings and capacity building activities.

  • Jana Loubnan Magazine 2014

  • Annual Report 2013

    Highlights of year 2013: growth of commercial and institutional partnerships along with the opening of boutique “Terroirs du Liban” in Beirut, Lebanon. A year also marked by the nomination of Menjez as the first Fair Trade Town in Lebanon.

  • Annual Report 2012

    Highlights of year 2012: new earned certifications for both Fairtrade and Organic products (olive oil & wine). Significant increase in awareness raising activities in Lebanon and abroad along with launching of new projects and renewal of all commercial partnerships.