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Lebanese cuisine is considered excellent across the world. Lebanese diaspora thoroughly commits itself and fits right into all countries. But often enough, emigrants miss their homeland’s sun and grandma’s recipes.

Besides, Lebanese villages abound of culinary treasures that might disappear in the mists of time. As a result of war, but also rural exodus, recipes get lost, and the culinary traditions as well. Because of the economic situation, people, especially youngsters, are leaving their own towns and then the country.

Whereas... if they believe in it, they can revive the unique lands that they possess.


  • FAIR TRADE LEBANON believes in it. FTL wants to identify Lebanese regional produces; FTL wants to contribute in promoting the richness and the uniqueness of these local produces.

  • FAIR TRADE LEBANON wants to make it possible for everyone, especially for the Lebanese diaspora, to purchase an exceptional product that reminds them of the country, the village, the sun and the Mediterranean.

  • FAIR TRADE LEBANON wants to offer a viable economic model to the farmers and the women’s cooperatives in the distant regions. 

  • FAIR TRADE LEBANON wants to fight against desertification, rural exodus, poverty, and mostly, against despair.

  • FAIR TRADE LEBANON wants to introduce to the whole world those men and women who struggle hard to promote their ancestral skills, their story.


FAIR TRADE LEBANON wants the Lebanese regional specialities to be everyone’s pride.

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